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Diego Gallegos

Chef at the Sollo* restaurant (Fuengirola, Spain)

This Brazilian has established one of the world's most sustainable restaurants in Fuengirola, by cooking the outcome of his aquaponic system.

Chef and researcher, Diego Gallegos is known as "the caviar chef". From Brazil by birth and Málaga by adoption, he has added a special touch to gastronomy by putting freshwater fish on his menu. And, thanks to his research work to recover Andalusian sturgeon, he uses caviar as his star product. Respect for the environment and a multicultural perspective of cookery are the qualities acquired by Diego Gallegos after working at a number of restaurants in America and Spain. His restaurant has a Michelin star and a Green star, and serves up creative singular fare with unique top-quality raw materials produced with aquaponics, thereby guaranteeing full traceability of the product, from seeding and breeding right up to the plate. 

A natural cookery concept featuring freshwater fish such as the African catfish, tilapia, tench and myleus pacu. At Sollo Restaurante, Diego Gallegos has crafted sustainable gastronomic fare based on freshwater fish and artisan vegetables grown in-house, produced using innovative systems which manage the local area's natural resources in a respectful, environment-friendly process.

Diego Gallegos