Encuentro de los mares

Naval historian


Vicente Ruíz García

Lecturer and advisor to the Chair of Naval Heritage and History (Spain)

Projects and prizes bear out the CV of this doctor in History, a renowned expert in naval history and historical gastronomy.

Vicente Ruiz García has a doctorate in History from the University of Murcia, a degree in Geography and History, and a diploma from the University of Granada. A lecturer at the San Juan de la Cruz Institute in Úbeda and the Spanish Open University's Associate Centre in the province of Jaén, he has published a number of books and has been awarded several national and international prizes for his research work on naval history and historical gastronomy.

An advisor to the Chair of Naval History, Ruiz García has been awarded the Miquel Llinares Barceló naval history research prize, the Nuestra América prize for his book “El navío Oriflame y su tiempo” (published by CSIC, 2021), the Cronista Cazabán research prize, the Juan Antonio Cebrián historical communication prize, the Pablo de Olavide essay prize, the Iberoamericano del Mar Cortes de Cádiz prize, the Historiador Jesús de Haro research prize, and the Principality of Asturias' Fundación Foro Jovellanos historical research prize.

Vicente Ruíz García