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Marine biologist


Michael Bank

Scientist at the Institute of Marine Research in Bergen (Norway)

At Bergen's Institute of Marine Research, Bank studies how sea contaminants affect organisms, including human beings.

Doctor Michael S. Bank is a senior scientist in the Department of Contaminants and Biohazards at the Institute of Marine Research in Bergen (Norway). He is also adjunct associate professor of Contaminant Biology and Complex Systems at the University of Massachusetts (US). His research is highly interdisciplinary and has its theoretical basis in Bayesian mathematical modelling, contaminant biology, environmental toxicology, and environmental governance. 

Specifically, his interests are focused on how contaminants affect organisms, including humans; how contaminants can be modelled in ecosystem compartments using isotopic niches, Bayesian statistics and information theory, and how this information can be used in a scientific translation and environmental governance context.

Bank is associate editor of the “Environmental Pollution and Chemosphere” periodical, a member of several committees of experts, and an advisor on contaminants for a number of national and international agencies.

Michael Bank