Encuentro de los mares



Aquaculture researcher and pioneer Uxío Labarta takes the Sartún 2022 Award


Uxío Labarta takes over from Ángel León as the personality the event pays tribute to this year.

The prize with which the organisers of Meeting of the Seas acknowledge the work of a person, a group or an organisation in defence of the seas, this year the Sartún Award - the event's mascot, with a hybrid name combining "sardine" and "tuna" - goes to Galicia. The prize went to Andalusia in 2021 - to Ángel León - and crossed the Atlantic on the first two occasions (in 2019 it went to Global Fishing Watch, and in 2020 to the National Geographic Pristine Seas programme), and this year it goes to Spain, specifically to CSIC research professor Uxío Labarta. 

Marine biologist and an aquaculture pioneer, Labarta is Ad Honorem Research Professor with Spain's National Scientific Research Council (CSIC), a doctor in Biological Sciences, he also holds an FAO diploma in the Assessment of Marine Resources, and a diploma in Organisation and Management of Scientific Research from the National Institute of Public Administration, among many other qualifications, and he carries out his scientific work on marine biology, paying close attention to the economic and ecological space of estuaries, and most particularly studies of the ecophysiology, modelling and cultivation of bivalve molluscs.